RPadTV 2014 Vaping Giveaway V: Win an Innokin Cool Fire II

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It’s time for another RPadTV 2014 Vaping Giveaway! This time around, the prize is an Innokin Cool Fire II variable-wattage mod. It’s definitely one of the most unique vaping devices I’ve seen, but you probably don’t want to bring it with you to the airport — a vaping device that looks like a grenade…is just asking for a TSA strip search. Ha! This contest requires either a Facebook or Google+ account.  To enter this contest, all you have to do is:

Spring Cleaning: RPadTV Mod Sale!!!

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To help RPadTV reach the next level quickly, I’m having a sale on the RPadTV Mod. From now until May 4, 2014 11:59PM PDT, the RPadTV Mod will be available for $85 shipped. Serial numbers will be chosen at random for the sale. For information and specs on the RPadTV Mod, please hit up this post. When you’re ready to buy, please use the PayPal button below. 

pixel Spring Cleaning: RPadTV Mod Sale!!! 

Remember, RPadTV Mod owners get five additional entries for every

2014 Vaping Giveaway they enter. I have lots of fun prizes continued

Vaping Diaries #199: Rocka Mystic Owner Jan Uyl Interview

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Rocka Mystic owner Jan Uyl was a pastry chef and baker for more than 30 years. He was also a cigarette smoker for more than 30 years. Thanks to vaping, he was finally able to quit smoking. However, he was never really satisfied with the juices he bought and never could find an all-day vape. He used his culinary expertise to create Rocka Mystic.

Rocka Mystic currently offers five e-liquids that cover a variety of tastes. Skidizzles, Sweet Tart, and Tiger’s Blood will satisfy vapers looking for candy flavors. With … continued

Gregg Popovich + Craig Sager, Jr. = Heartwarming NBA Television

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TNT sideline announcer Craig Sager is known for his outlandish suits (pictured below) and cheerful sideline interviews. San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich is known for his often curt and sometimes surly answers during sideline interviews. The 2014 NBA playoffs feel different without Sager. He’s battling adult acute myeloid leukemia and won’t be reporting for TNT. Sager’s son, Craig, Jr., is filling in for him. Going up against Gregg Popovich has frightened many rookie interviewers (see Charles Barkley clip below) and have left veteran reporters sweating after a two-question chat. … continued

Vaping Diaries #198: Vape Shops and Mistruths About Cotton

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For the last year or so, cotton has become the wicking material of choice for many vapers. There are several reasons why cotton makes excellent vaping wick, but there are also some misconceptions about what it offers and what it doesn’t. Recently, I was at a local vape shop and was shocked by what one of the clerks was telling a customer about cotton. Some of the things he said were inaccurate and some of them were flat-out false. With so many unknowns in vaping, I was appalled that a … continued

Coffee Talk #622: Seeing Stupid Things While Gaming

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As many of you are (or were) hardcore gamers, I’m certain that you’ve had gaming sessions that have left you so mentally drained that you start seeing silly things. This has happened to me a ton while playing Heroes of Dragon Age. I’ve been playing the hell out of the game since October, initially for work, eventually for fun, and currently out of habit. Over the last three months, I’ve spent dozens of hours farming the “Dalish Challenge” node in order to add Merrill to my party — she’s really difficult to obtain (without spending money) and crazy powerful. After thousands of attempts, I finally have Merrill. Along the way, my eyes played tricks on me and I saw some really stupid things…continued