Weird Al Has “First World Problems”

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I skipped “Weird” Al Yankovic’s last video from Mandatory Fun, “Sports Song,” because I didn’t think it was very good. Thankfully, “First World Problems” is a lot better. Yeah, it’s not a clever as the outstanding “Word Crimes” or as flashy as “Tacky,” but I found myself cracking up from several lines in the song. “First World Problems” has several things that I’ve been guilty of — getting annoyed that I can’t fast forward through commercials because I’m watching live television, being irritated by having … continued

Coffee Talk #637: Ford Focus Electric and the Gamification of Driving

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Driving a Ford Focus Electric has a lot of similarities to playing videogames on a home console. In the immortal word of Christopher Cross, “It sounds crazy, but it’s true.” The Ford Focus Electric has a system of achievements, scores, and leaderboards that supplement the driving experience, similar to how PlayStation and Xbox consoles have these features to supplement the videogame experience. For certain drivers (i.e. nerdy ones), it makes driving more fun.

On the “My Driving” page on, Ford Focus Electric drivers can keep track … continued

Peter Quill Has a Plan (Guardians of the Galaxy)

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Here’s an extended clip of the “I have a plan” scene from the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy. In the last trailer, the clip was spliced up. This video shows more of it and gives you a better idea of the team’s dynamics. Aside from (the glorious) Groot, everyone gets more time to shine in this video. More context is added too. To my surprise, Dave Batista had more lines without sucking more. Considering his penchant for sucking at everything that doesn’t involve being big and muscular, that’s … continued

Vaping Diaries #219: AmeraVape Erik Hutchinson Q&A

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This video interview with AmeraVape founder and owner Erik Hutchinson is very different from the usual RPadTV vaping interview. It’s mostly unedited and much longer than the video content that I usually post. As many of you know, AmeraVape — creator and manufacturer of the popular Manhattan mechanical mod — has been embroiled in several controversies. There are a lot of strong opinions about the company. Some of the opinions are justified, while some are the result of misinformation. Given AmeraVape’s controversial position, I jumped at the opportunity to film … continued

Weird Al Pokes Fun at Iggy Azalea in “Handy”

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Today’s dose of “Weird” Al Yankovic’s Mandatory Fun is “Handy.” A parody of Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy,” the song and video are chock full of handyman gags. While it’s sillier and (arguably) not as clever as the other Weird Al videos posted this week, I’m happy that “Handy” exists. “Fancy” is a completely ridiculous song and Iggy Azalea is an outstanding target for parody. Besides, it’s always a good gag when a 54-year old man tackles a song performed by a 24-year old girl.

Anyway, (please) check out “Handy” … continued

Vaping Diaries #218: Wu Tang House of Mods El Sigilo Review

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One of the latest offerings from Wu Tang House of Mods — one of my favorite Filipino modders — is the El Sigilo. This mechanical mod features a unique design and fantastic aesthetics. The standard model available in brass and stainless steel, as well as a torched steel “special edition” covered in this review. It’s also available in copper, but with zodiac sign aesthetics rather than Filipino-style engravings. All models come with 18650 and 18350 tubes. The El Sigilio ships in a treasure chest that contains the mod, as well … continued