RPadTV Fundraiser Shirt: RPad 3:16

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RPad 316 Shirt RPadTV Fundraiser Shirt: RPad 3:16

To help fund RPad.TV’s coverage of ECC 2014, I present to you the RPad 3:16 t-shirt! A “stunning” example of “stone-cold” fashion, the t-shirt’s front proudly reads, “RPad 3:16.” The back of the shirt is a nod to the site’s vaping coverage and the trip I’m trying to raise money for, so it reads, “www.RPad.TV Says I Just Vaped Your Ass.” WWE fans will understand the play on words. For vaping fans that don’t watch pro-wrestling, please be assured that I don’t actually vape ass or recommend vaping … continued

Vaping Diaries #224: NeoVapeTek E-Liquid Interview (Chris Chapman)

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Following up on my chat on the unique NeoVapeTek Venturi RDA, here’s an interview on the company’s upcoming vaping e-liquids. At E-Cig City 4 in Riverside, I hung out with NeoVapeTek head of e-liquid research Christopher Chapman. He told me about his background as a vaper and how he got into juice making, as well as three of the company’s launch flavors and what’s coming next.

I’ve tried two NeoVapeTek e-liquids and been pleasantly surprised by the flavors. As a former clove cigarette smoker, I was curious about  NeoVapeTek’s … continued

Coffee Talk #642: “Stone Cold” Steve Austin vs. Hulk Hogan

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One of the most frequent arguments I’ve heard between wrestling fans is about “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and “The Immortal” Hulk Hogan. Both are cited as the biggest WWE Superstar of all time and there are compelling arguments for both wrestlers. Naturally, I want to hear your opinion on the matter. Several of you are longtime smarks and I’m sure that you’ll make excellent cases for both WWE Superstars. Before you make your pick, let’s take a closer look at the Steve Austin vs. Hulk Hogan issue.

Fans that … continued

Vaping Diaries #223: NeoVapeTek Venturi Atomizer Interview

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At a recent LA Vapers Club meeting, I met NeoVapeTek’s head of hardware production & design, Jack Dallas. He told me all about the Venturi atomizer, one of the most unique vaping products I’ve seen in 2014. While there are loads of rebuildable dripping atomizers (RDAs) geared towards cloud chasers, there aren’t many that are made with flavor fiends in mind. As someone that’s way more concerned about flavor than vapor, I was excited about the Venturi atomizer. After using it for a week, I’ve been extremely impressed by this … continued

Coffee Talk #641: Turtles Forever Negates the Crap TMNT Movie

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As I mentioned in my last column, I was pretty much disgusted by the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. If movies could hear, I would invoke the immortal words of Butt-Head and tell the 2014 TMNT movie, “You’re a miserable piece of crap.” I haven’t been that traumatized by a movie since Green Lantern (that one still haunts my dreams). Thankfully, the dreadfulness of the new TMNT movie was washed away by the delightful Turtles Forever. This made-for-TV movie is great for all kinds of Teenage Mutant continued

Vaping Diaries #222: Illuminati Vapor Erik Todorovich Interview

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I first came across Illumunati Vapor in a Vapor Liq subscription box. The company’s Lion e-liquid quickly became one of my favorites. This mix of vanilla custard and ube (known as purple yam to white people) was striking. Vanilla custard is an extremely popular e-liquid flavor, while Ube is used in many Asian desserts. When these flavors combine, they form Voltron come together for a unique and delicious dessert vape. Lion stands out from the numerous vanilla custard juices on the market and it made me want to learn more … continued