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Megan Fox Replaced by Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in Transformers

Posted on May 27th, by raymond padilla in Movies. 18 comments

Victoria’s Secret model Rosie Huntingon-Whiteley has been signed to replace Megan Fox in Transformers 3. Naturally, I thought this would be a good time to look at some photos of this beautiful woman. According to her IMDB entry, she has no acting experience, but it’s not like she’s replacing Meryl Streep or anything. Here’s the scoop from E!:

Multiple sources confirm to E! News that model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley will be replacing the MIA Megan Fox as Shia LaBeouf’s love interest in Transformers 3.

“She’s accepted the offer, and I think they’re just waiting for her to get her work visa since she’s British,” says a source close to the production.

Man, that Shawn LeBeef Shia LaBeouf kid sure gets to make out with some sexy women. I’m pretty sure he’s my hero.


  • Big Blak

    I can't stand his roles in movies (Shia) I absolutely despise him as an actor, I think he sucks. He is to me like Jeff Goldblum, has an ass load of potential but plays the same roles over and over again. If a chick has real breast I'm all for it but I doubt I will be seeing that movie legally.

  • raymond padilla

    @Big Blak I posted a picture of a hot chick and you want to talk about Shawn LeBeef?!?

  • Big Blak

    @ Ray

    Lol when ever I see his name its like the siren from Kill Bill goes off and I can not focus until he is destroyed (by that I mean until I stop visualizing myself punching him in his face). That chick has real breasts and thats all I really care about….real boobs lol.

  • Big Blak

    And quite honestly I don't think she is that hot. Don't get me wrong I would if I could, but I dig big chicks (not Gabourey Sidibe big) my rule of thumb is if I can see your thoracic cavity you aint for me lol.

  • smartguy


    I agree about the Shia rant

    dude remember this: if you can touch'em, they're real

    she's hot

    Magic in 7

  • Big Blak

    @ SG

    Ok you got me, I prefer un-enhanced breast, she is hot by societal standards yes, but not mine, and Celtics are looking like shit but I still like them to take it on Friday, concussions and all lol.

  • SlickyFats

    @Big Blak

    awesome rule of thumb. Mine is similar. Nobody that it looks like I might break.

  • smartguy


    Howard is gonna will them past the Celtics man.

  • tokz_21

    wait….so is this a new love interest or is she taking over Fox's character.

    on second thought i really don't care, i just want some more eye candy!

  • Big Blak

    @ SG

    That why I love the NBA playoff slogan, where amazing happens. We will see on Friday.

  • Nightshade386

    I'm way more stoked for the Stanley Cup Finals to begin. Let's got Blackhawks!!!

  • Sandrock323

    I like his roles, albeit the same. She's a good replacement. No toe thumbs and hopefully she can say something that won't make me yell DITZ every time. Also, I'm concerned about how the integrate her in. They built this relationship in the movies into something that is not supposed to get broke, but I'm not sure they can just swap women and get away with it. Good news is Megan Fox has officially ended her acting career. She can't go anywhere else, as I'm not sure anyone else can cover up her talentlessness as good.

  • Iceman

    Who in the bloody hell names their kid "Shia?"

    If my parents hated me that much, I would have ran away from home and try to get an internship with G4TV.


  • Big Blak

    @ SG

    Magic in 7 right?

  • smartguy


    Amazing didn't happen. I like Dwight Howard, my second favorite player next to Chris Paul.

    Goodluck in the Finals.

  • Big Blak


    Dwight is going to win it soon, I think the Magic loosing this series is going to shape his new killer instinct (C C C C C COMBO BREAKER!!!) when they get to the playoffs next season. Homeboy is my age and he is a beast!

  • smartguy


    built like a freak of nature. He needs that one other guy like Shaq needed.

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