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NPD Console Hardware Sales Figures for August 2010

Posted on September 9th, by raymond padilla in Console Wars, Nintendo DS, NPD Analysis, PS3, PSP, Today's Specials, Wii, Xbox 360. 5 comments

NPD Group has released its console sales figures for August 2010. August is a traditionally weak month for the business and the numbers reflect that. Check it out:

  • Xbox 360: 356,700
  • Nintendo DS: 342,700
  • Nintendo Wii: 244,300
  • PlayStation 3: 226,000
  • PlayStation Portable: 79,400

For the second month in a row, Microsoft has topped the charts. Although the Wii continues to be the market leader, it’s clear that it won’t be putting up numbers like it did in the past. The question is, will this pattern hold for the rest of the year? Since all of you are capable of being industry analysts, I’d love to hear your opinion. How do you think the console wars will play out for the rest of 2010?

  • Nightshade386

    360's clearly getting the bump from the new redesign and the lower price points on the older models. But still surprising to see it outselling even the DS.

    I'll be interested to see in Kinect and Move have any real impact on console sales at all, or end up just being peripherals for folks who already own the systems.

  • SlickyFats

    The 360 is going to get a huge spike in sales with Reach and the Reach edition console. I'm planning on getting the Reach console. I'm needing a new 360 anyway so I might as well get a themed one since I usually spend extra to skin them.

    PSP numbers are pretty sad. They really need to roll out the next version before it fades out completely.

    Wii selling ANY consoles is amazing to me. Its hard to believe that the market isn't completely saturated.

    A chicken in every pot, a car in every garage, a Wii in every entertainment center.

    I would have thought with the full availability of PS3s they would have put up bigger numbers or at least closer to 360s. I don't know what exclusives PS3 has coming up immediately so I can;t say what they'll be doing.

    I know nothing about the DS. I used one once for about 2 minutes, never touched one since.

  • thundercracker


    remember these arent worldwide numbers

    the ps3 kicks the 360s ass every month worldwide



  • bsukenyan

    I also should be getting a Halo themed 360 S. But I am surprised to see Nintendo's numbers down so much, I expected something a little more than that. Didn't think I would see the Wii in the 200,000s anytime soon, but I guess there are plenty of them out there like Slicky said.

  • Sandrock323

    On the console side it appears to be a toss up, but I wouldn't be surprised if Microsoft's sales had a huge spike this month. The handheld market is even more gray though, with Nintendo promising a 3DS announcement this month. If it comes out this year, then Nintendo will be taking the top spot again this year. The Wii isn't looking all that great on paper either, but the holidays can easily change that.

    /2 cents