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DCUO Free DLC Adds Two-Face, Mxyzptlk, and More

Posted on April 5th, by raymond padilla in Comics, MMO, PC Gaming, PS3, Videogames. 2 comments

Sony Online Entertainment has released some free DC Universe Online DLC that includes Batman villain Two-Face and Superman baddie Mr. Mxyzptlk. Here’s the laundry list of details from SOE senior producer Wes Yanagi:


  • Two-Face Instance: Following Harvey Dent/Two-Face on a mission into The Penguin’s hideout, players will aim to take out his latest smuggling operation. The kicker? You don’t know if he will help or hinder your efforts – the chances are 50/50 and everything depends on the flip of a coin!
  • Legends PvP: Harvey Dent/Two-Face will be added as a playable character in Legends “Play as Iconic” Player vs Player mode.
  • New Attacks: Call in your own mob of goons to keep your opponent occupied as you unleash a suppressive bullet spray, oil drum trap or grenade launcher.
  • Flip-of-the-Coin Abilities: Switch powers based on which side the coin lands: the Two-Face side deals more damage and DoT attacks and the Harvey Dent side gives more control, knockdowns and stuns.

Seasonal Content

  • Mister Mxyzptlk: Experience Metropolis transformed by the presence of Mister Mxyzptlk and his fellow 5th dimensional supervillain tricksters.
  • Multi Player Race: Players can assume the guise of a 5th Dimensional Denizen and play tricks on fellow races over the skies of Metropolis.
  • New Gold Collections: New encounters with 5th Dimensional Denizens dressed as Leprechauns guarding a Pot Of Gold that players will need to find and collect coins from while the leprechauns try to stop them in various amusing ways.

Additional Updates

  • Batcave 3 Raid: Level 30 players are brought face-to-face with The Dark Knight himself. Unfortunately, he’s been infected with a virus and has teamed up with the all-powerful Brainiac’s Avatar of Technology.

I’m planning to hop back into DCUO shortly and I’m really looking forward to encountering Two-Face. He’s one of my favorite Batman villains (just ignore Tommy Lee Jones’ horrible version). Hopefully some of you will join me. The only thing that could stop us is my iPad 2. (Playing games on a new gadget is more powerful than a batarang.)


  • N8R

    This is really all I've been playing anymore.

    The Crisis server is my server of choice. I have 2 heroes and 2 villains on it. This helps when playing the auction house because heroes and villains have different markets. Having the alt's is useful because you can share items between them and it allows for more storage (but they have to be on the same server).

    I came a c-hair away from finishing all the Valentine's feats… and now they are gone. I missed out on like 2 skill points (hangs head in shame). Granted, I HATED doing that Valentine's Day stuff.

    That Batcave level 3 scares me. I've done Kahndaq and Outer Batcave, Inner is a total pain in the ass. I can only guess how bad fighting Batman could be.

    Two-Face in Legends PvP is cool. What they need for the Legends is a whole other section that's not just Batman mythos. I want Superman v Luthor v Circe v Green Lantern. That would be AWESOME!

    It's downloading now… and it will take forever. It's been going for 11 minutes and it's at 8%.

  • N8R

    There's also a new Lantern based duo that's pretty cool.

    My review:

    The Two-Face instance is cool, but it's harder than the others. That's not a bad thing. You have to play it more than once or even more because he'll flip coins throughout the instance and you have to get certain flips to see it all.

    The Myxzptlk stuff is WAY cooler than the Valentine nonsense they had.

    I have to save up for Two Face in PvP still, but the people I saw using him were tearing it up.-