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Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC: Ezio, Gilgamesh, PuPu, and More

Posted on April 10th, by raymond padilla in PS3, Videogames, Xbox 360. 5 comments

Noel Kreiss Ezio Final Fantasy XIII 2 DLC: Ezio, Gilgamesh, PuPu, and More

Square Enix has released a bunch of DLC for Final Fantasy XIII-2. This most anticipated of which is the $3 Ezio Auditore (Assassin’s Creed) costume for Noel Kreiss. Serah fans get a free outfit called “Style and Steel”, which was designed by Japanese pop star Yuko Oshima. The coliseum get two new combatants: Final Fantasy V Gilgamesh ($4) and Final Fantasy VIII PuPu ($2).

The new costumes are pretty sweet and I can’t wait to add the two coliseum characters to my FFXIII-2 monster arsenal. I’m such a mark for this game that I’m going to buy all of this week’s DLC, Etro be damned. Anyway, check out screens of the whole lot below.

  • lceman

    For some strange reason… I now want to go out and buy Assassin's Creed 2.


    • lceman

      Damn… I just bought Assassin's Creed II on Friday the 13th for $13.00.

      I hope that I don't get cursed playing the game and have something bad happen… like the game not having an ending.


  • nightshade386

    No matter how many character skins from games I actually like make it into this game, they can't fool me into tolerating that horrid battle system a 2nd time.

    • lceman

      Didn't they "fix" the combat/pacing issues in FF XIII-2?


      • raymond padilla

        Story and combat are streamlined. I like the original paradigm system fine. It's tighter in XIII-2.