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Google Glass: Borg Implant or Dragon Ball Z Scouter?

Posted on May 24th, by raymond padilla in Geek Stuff. 2 comments

By now you’ve seen (and probably made fun of) Google Glass. This pie-in-the-sky project has a chance to be some truly transformative tech or a tremendous punchline. For now, I want to know which nerd tech it most resembles in your mind. Is Google Glass the precursor to Borg implants from Star Trek? Or is it a knockoff of Saiyan scouter technology from Dragon Ball Z? Please vote in today’s poll and discuss in the comments section!

Google Glass reminds you of...

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  • N8R

    Other… Universal Soldier.

  • BigBlak

    Other. I recently watched 13 Ghosts on Syfy and these glasses remind me of the glasses they wore in the movie that enabled them to see ghosts.