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Coffee Talk #197: Who’s Your Favorite Super Villain?

Posted on August 11th, by raymond padilla in Coffee Talk, Comics, Today's Specials. 24 comments
In yesterday's Coffee Talk, we had a fun conversation about our favorite superheroes. Let's take a stroll on the dark side today and talk about our favorite super villains! In comics, games, movies, etc., heroes are only as good as their villains. Threats seem much more epic when they're executed by a devious mastermind. The fictional world needs great villains!

Coffee Talk #196: Who’s Your Favorite Superhero?

Posted on August 10th, by raymond padilla in Coffee Talk, Comics, Today's Specials. 44 comments
My friend and I were talking about comics last week (this is not unusual) and the topic of our favorite heroes came up. Most of my comic-book reading friends are straight up DC/Marvel fans. They're favorite characters are almost always Batman or Spider-Man. My choice is a little bit different -- Nightwing.

Coffee Talk #195: What’s the Worst Console You Ever Bought?

Posted on August 9th, by raymond padilla in Coffee Talk, Console Wars, Today's Specials, Videogames. 42 comments
RPadholic smartguy brought up a fantastic idea for Coffee Talk, so let's use it today! What's the worst console you've purchased? Surely some of you have been burned by the likes of Nintendo's Virtual Boy, Nokia's N-Gage, or Tiger Telematics' Gizmondo. Now's the time to let your frustrations out and totally trash the one gaming system you wish you never spent money on! It'll be cathartic. Give it a go.

Coffee Talk #194: Your Favorite Animated Comic Book Movie

Posted on August 5th, by raymond padilla in Coffee Talk, Comics, Movies, Today's Specials. 35 comments
After failing to find it at Best Buy last weekend, I finally watched Batman: Under the Red Hood last night. It was frickin' brilliant! DC's animated movies have been rocking for years, but Under the Red Hood raises the bar. The art style is fantastic and the voice acting is first rate (I thought I'd miss Kevin Conroy more, but Bruce Greenwood's fine performance ensured that I didn't). Most importantly (to me, anyway), the story was fantastic. It took a great plot from the comic books, tightened it up, and got rid of some of the convoluted twists that confused readers.

Coffee Talk #193: Have Games Desensitized You to Violence?

Posted on August 4th, by raymond padilla in Coffee Talk, PC Gaming, Today's Specials, Videogames. 12 comments
After E3 2010, I vaguely remember an article by some guy I can't remember saying that videogames have desensitized people. The premise was that gamers have spent too much time shooting enemy soldiers, decapitating villains, and blowing buildings up that it no longer seems shocking. I started thinking about the issue again after the excellent people at Gamasutra started discussing it.

Coffee Talk #192: “CSR Nightmares” or “Sprint CSRs Suck”

Posted on August 3rd, by raymond padilla in Coffee Talk, Mobile Tech, Today's Specials. 35 comments
After installing FroYo on my Evo 4G, I decided that I was going to commit to the phone and reactivate it. This is a big deal for me as I have all sorts of commitment issues. I figured A) it's a great phone that was free, B) I'm eligible for an upgrade straight away, and C) I get a service discount as a Google I/O attendee. After 25 minutes and three CSRs, I was unable to activate the phone with the discounted plan.

Coffee Talk #191: Will Mice Become Niche Gamer Products?

Posted on August 2nd, by raymond padilla in Coffee Talk, PC Gaming, Today's Specials. 51 comments
So I'm still thinking about Apple's Magic Trackpad (way more than I ought to). It's more than that though. I'm thinking about the evolution of input methods. Games started with Pong paddles, moved onto joysticks, which gave way to gamepads, which are currently being overshadowed by the dawn of motion controls. Phones had rotary dials, eventually started using digital keys, and now use touchscreens.

Coffee Talk #190: What’s Your Favorite Star Trek?

Posted on July 30th, by raymond padilla in Coffee Talk, Geek Stuff, Movies, Today's Specials, TV. 34 comments
Last week a few of you started a fun Star Trek fight debate. It started with The Original Series vs. The Next Generation, moved onto Kirk vs. Picard, and even touched on Spock vs. Data. I was thoroughly entertained and hope you're up for it again! This time around let's include all of the Star Trek shows -- even Voyager (Come on! A woman captain and a black vulcan?!?). Let's start with the poll:

Coffee Talk #189: How Often Do You Change PCs?

Posted on July 29th, by raymond padilla in Coffee Talk, Geek Stuff, PC Gaming, Today's Specials. 43 comments
RPadholic smartguy brought up an interesting conversation starter yesterday: how often do you change PCs? Some of my friends get new machines every year. Others have had the same system for more than five years. It's really all over the place with the people I know and I'm sure it's the same for you guys.

Coffee Talk #188: Has Technology Ever Gotten You Out of a Jam?

Posted on July 28th, by raymond padilla in Coffee Talk, Geek Stuff, Mobile Tech, Today's Specials. 19 comments
Last night I was at Ralph's buying some groceries and the Motorola Droid X helped me save $5. You see, I love taking advantage of promotions. Ralph's currently has this deal that lets you save $5 for buying 10 participating items. I diligently found sale items that were eligible for the promotion. Getting an additional $5 off items that are already on sale is awesome. As I was walking out the grocery, I noticed that two of the items didn't register for the promotion and I didn't get my $5 savings.