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Peter Quill Has a Plan (Guardians of the Galaxy)

Posted on July 18th, by raymond padilla in Comics, Movies. No Comments

Here’s an extended clip of the “I have a plan” scene from the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy. In the last trailer, the clip was spliced up. This video shows more of it and gives you a better idea of the team’s dynamics. Aside from (the glorious) Groot, everyone gets more time to shine in this video. More context is added too. To my surprise, Dave Batista had more lines without sucking more. Considering his penchant for sucking at everything that doesn’t involve being big and muscular, that’s … continued

Guardians of the Galaxy Extended Trailer (UK)

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The latest Guardians of the Galaxy trailer is my favorite yet. It has more dialogue, more action, and (most importantly) more Groot! There are lots of things I love about this clip. There are a several excellent Rocket moments (love the bit with his “fake” laugh). Ronan the Accuser looks like a bad-ass. And (as much as it pains me to admit it), Dave Batista wasn’t as crappy as I’d thought he’d be (though I’m sure he’ll be crappy overall). That said, the more clips I see of Guardians, … continued

Coffee Talk #630: Remembering When Val Kilmer Was Cool

Posted on June 17th, by raymond padilla in Comics, Movies. 2 comments
At E3 2014, I had a disturbing conversation with some...younger people about Val Kilmer. Some of the kids remembered him primarily for being a crap Batman in Batman Forever. A few of them knew him as "that funny guy in MacGruber." Sadly, none of them were familiar with Val Kilmer in his prime. Going off of the photo below, it's hard to believe that he was once one of the coolest people in Hollywood -- especially for young kids and teenagers. Val Kilmer was the guy in movies that every kid wanted to be. Let's use today's Coffee Talk column to remember when Val Kilmer was cool...continued

Random Thoughts on X-Men: Days of Future Past

Posted on May 23rd, by raymond padilla in Comics, Movies, Not Reviews. 14 comments

As a huge fan of the X-Men: Days of Future Past comics, I was excited for and scared of the X-Men: Days of Future Past movie. Obviously the movie was going to change the source material — some of the changes were for Hollywood reasons, some of the changes worked, and some of them will make millions of fanboys cry out in terror. Overall, I enjoyed the movie. It certainly has problems, but it’s fun enough that I can see myself watching it dozens of times on cable. Here … continued

Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer #2 (I Am Groot!!!)

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The first trailer for the Guardians of the Galaxy movie delighted and disappointed me. I was pleasantly surprised by how entertaining it was, but disappointed that Vin Diesel didn’t say, “I am Groot.” The second trailer for Marvel’s intergalactic summer spectacular is even better than the first. You learn more about the protagonists, see more action, and (finally) hear the first utterance of, “I am Groot.” On the negative side, WWE Batista Dave Bautista is seen “acting” in the trailer and, as most of you know, that guy pretty much … continued

Constantine Trailer is Shockingly Good (NBC)

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John Constantine has always been one of the coolest and most interesting characters in the world of DC Comics. For those of you not familiar with the character, he’s a chain-smoking occult expert that specializes in dark sorcery and snarky comments. Constantine is probably the first guy in the DC Universe that you’d want to have a beer with. He’s just…frickin’ cool, but underneath his cynicism and sardonic wit lies a heart of gold. Despite all the crap he talks, his reputation as a conman, and his dark outlook on … continued

Channing Tatum as Gambit is…

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In a recent RPadTV Google+ chat, RPadholic Tokz mentioned that Channing Tatum will be playing Gambit in an X-Men spinoff movie. My initial reaction was horror. While he’s an established Hollywood draw and attracts lots of female moviegoers, Channing Tatum is not a good actor. After thinking about the casting choice for a bit (more than a bit, actually, because my crap web server was down), I’m feeling pretty good about the casting decision. There are a couple of reasons why Channing Tatum as Gambit should work. After … continued

Coffee Talk #623: Why I’m Looking Forward to Marvel’s Original Sin

Posted on May 6th, by raymond padilla in Coffee Talk, Comics. 2 comments
I'm greatly looking forward to Marvel's "Original Sin" event. Part of it is because the story is topical and reflects recent world events. Part of it is because for the last few years, Marvel's events have generally been superior to DC's events. The second part is a little painful to admit, because I've usually been (a bit) more of a DC guy than a Marvel guy (though first and foremost, I follow certain writers). Let's use today's Coffee Talk to discuss "Original Sin." For those of you not familiar with the premise of "Original Sin," here's a brief rundown...continued

Coffee Talk #620: Dumbing Things Down For Movies and TV

Posted on April 8th, by raymond padilla in Coffee Talk, Comics, Movies, TV. 4 comments
Some purists of A Song of Ice and Fire had an issue with Oberyn Martell's introduction in Game of Thrones s4e1. In the books, it's implied that he's bisexual. In the television show, he forcefully grabs a male prostitute's junk. There's a huge difference between subtle implication and ham-fisted delivery, but sometimes it's necessary for the mainstream audience. The debate over Oberyn Martell reminded me of another argument fans had about Game of Thrones Season 2. In the books, it's implied that...continued

Separated at Birth: Scarlet Witch and Aerith Gainsborough?

Posted on March 25th, by raymond padilla in Comics, Movies, Videogames. 3 comments

I was psyched to see that io9 posted photos of Elizabeth Olsen as the Scarlet Witch from the set of The Avengers 2. I have high hopes for Ms. Olsen, as she’s on her way to supplanting her evil sisters as the best Olsen sibling in Hollywood. The news that she was cast as the Scarlet Witch was especially exciting. While I didn’t expect her to wear the ridiculous medieval swimsuit from the ’70s and ’80s comics, I wasn’t prepared for what I saw.

Apparently the costume designer from … continued