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Thor: The Dark World Trailer

Posted on April 24th, by raymond padilla in Comics, Movies. 2 comments

As RPadholic tokz mentioned in the RPad.TV Google+ Messenger group yesterday, the new trailer for Thor: The Dark World is pretty badass. It’s full of mystical action, otherworldly creatures, and beautiful people. The trailer lays the groundwork for the inevitable Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) vs. Sif (Jaimie Alexander) cat-fight fan-fiction that will flood the Internet later this year. Throw in the buxom Darcy Lewis (Kat Dennings) and I’m totally down.

Seriously though, the trailer looks great. The tone of the movie seems more appropriate than the original. A few of … continued

HISHE Super Cafe Meets Swingers

Posted on April 16th, by raymond padilla in Comics, Movies. No Comments

Here’s a mashup of two of my favorite things: the “Super Cafe” sketches from How It Should Have Ended and the movie Swingers. This clip mimics a scene at the end of the movie, with Superman playing Vince Vaughn’s character, Batman playing Jon Favreau’s character, and Elastigirl (The Incredibles) playing the girl making baby faces. It’s very well done and “super” cute.… continued

Kick-Ass 2 Trailers

Posted on April 11th, by raymond padilla in Comics, Movies. 1 Comment

Here are a pair of trailer for Kick-Ass 2. The first one gives all the major characters equal time, while the second focuses on Hit Girl. As a fan of the comics and the first movie, I’m super looking forward to this one. Also, Chloe Moretz is on the cusp of becoming a beautiful woman. It’s borderline inappropriate to even be talking about it…which is fun in that Hermione kind of way. Anyway, check out the clips when you get a chance and let me know what you think (of … continued

The Beautiful Women of Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Posted on April 8th, by raymond padilla in Comics, Movies. 2 comments

Scarlett Johansson 400 The Beautiful Women of Captain America: The Winter Soldier

After reading those awesome rumors about Captain America: The Winter Soldier, I had to do some…research on the beautiful women in the film. (Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.) Above is Scarlett Johansson (Black Widow), accompanied by Hayley Atwell (Peggy Carter), Cobie Smulders (Maria Hill), and Emily VanCamp (Sharon Carter) below. This is a gorgeous cast, don’t you agree?… continued

Captain America: The Winter Soldier Movie Info

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Entertainment Weekly has posted a bunch of great info on the upcoming Captain America: The Winter Soldier movie. As a huge fan of Ed Brubaker’s Captain America comics featuring The Winter Soldier, I’m really looking forward to the film. Be sure to read the full article if you’re interested in the movie. Here’s a summary (with some minor spoilers for those of you not familiar with The Winter Soldier):

  • S.H.I.E.L.D. head honcho Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) should play a major role in the movie
  • Cap will be teaming up

Comixology’s Marvel #1s Promotion Reborn April 11

Posted on April 8th, by raymond padilla in Comics. 4 comments

Remember the failed promotion by Comixology and Marvel that started at the SXSW conference and ended with the mother of all gamma-irradiated server-issues? The promo — which gives Comixology users access to more than 700 Marvel #1 issues — will be making a comeback on April 11, 2013. At least, that’s the date I received in a recent email (if you have another date, please let me know in the comments section). This time around, access to the promo will be tied to your Comixology login. Here’s an excerpt from … continued

Coffee Talk #574: Where Are the Superhero Movie Games?

Posted on April 1st, by raymond padilla in Coffee Talk, Comics, PC Gaming, Videogames. 8 comments
My friend Paul and I were talking about the large number of 2013 nerd movies that don't have videogames attached to them (at least, that we could think of). In the past, these games were automatic. If a studio had a superhero, sci-fi, or fantasy movie set for release then there would be a game -- usually not a spectacular one -- released in conjunction with the movie. The game would help promote the movie and the movie would help drive game sales, at least that's what the bean counters thought. This year there seems to be lack of videogame-movie symbiosis. Where have all the superhero games gone? Are publishers...more

Comixology & Marvel: When Free Promos Fail

Posted on March 11th, by raymond padilla in Comics. 1 Comment

At the SXSW conference, Comixology and Marvel launched an amazing promotion that served up 700 comic books for free. As expected, millions of people attempted to download those issues on the Comixology web site and through the company’s apps. As expected, the service was overloaded and rendered useless since the promotion was announced. As of this writing, I’m still unable to download comics (including ones I’ve already paid for) through the app or view them on the web site.

It was bold initiative by Comixology and Marvel — a fantastic … continued

Comixology Submit Offers Self-Publishing

Posted on March 9th, by raymond padilla in Comics. 2 comments

The wonderful Comixology service has introduced a self-publishing program for independent creators called Comixology Submit. The service allows creators to publish digital comics for free and receive “50% of the gross sale after credit card fees are taken out.” Arists and authors retain the rights to any works submitted to Comixology. This is a potentially huge opportunity for creators to take advantage of the largest digital distribution service for comic books.

The service has me thinking about comic books that I’ve scripted. I was working with an artist 11 … continued

Iron Man 3 Trailer Kicks Things Up a Notch

Posted on March 6th, by raymond padilla in Comics, Movies. No Comments

While I’ve generally enjoyed all the Iron Man 3 trailers that I’ve seen, the latest one is easily my favorite. It’s a wonderful blend of action, drama, and scantily clad Gwyneth Paltrow. I’m certain that most of you will agree that this is the most intriguing Iron Man 3 trailer yet. Check out the clip below and share your thoughts on it in the comments section (please!).… continued