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Watch Derek Jeter’s Glorious 2014 MLB All-Star Game Moments

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As a Yankee fan and someone that has watched Derek Jeter’s entire baseball career, there was a lot to love about the MLB 2014 All-Star Game. He was given a classy ovation during his introduction. On his first at bat, he was introduced by a recording of the late, great, and legendary Bob Sheppard. (He also laced a sweet double off of Adam Wainwright, on a pitch that may or may not have been a gimme.) When he was taken out of the game, he was given another … continued

Mariano Rivera’s Retirement Means Metallica’s Out of Work (ESPN)

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Here’s a funny ESPN commercial featuring the legendary rock band Metallica. As all of you should know, New York Yankees great Mariano Rivera retired last year. If you’re familiar with the (greatest) closer (of all time), then you know that he entered ballgames to Metallica’s “Enter Sandman.” The gag in the ESPN commercial is that Metallica has been struggling to find work since Rivera’s retirement. There’s even a bit in a break room where guitarist Kirk Hammett tries to get ESPN anchor Stuart Scott to sign up … continued

Coffee Talk #635: Miami Heat Big Three and Silly Reporting

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The NBA free agent rumor mill is in full effect. This year’s offseason is particularly intriguing since the Miami Heat’s “big three” of LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh are free agents. Sports fans — particularly NBA fans — love reading about trade rumors, salary cap wizardry, and potential signings. Thanks to the way social media and Internet reporting have evolved, there’s more free agency content than ever. Unfortunately, there’s also some comically bad reporting. has been guilty of posting articles with some…questionable phrases. Let’s take a look … continued

Heat vs. Spurs: Your 2014 NBA Finals Predictions

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The 2014 NBA Finals look like an outstanding matchup on paper. There are so many great plots and subplots permeating the contest between the Miami Heat and the San Antonio Spurs. You have the old “Big Three” of Duncan, Parker, and Ginobili vs. the current, dominant “Big Three” of James, Wade, and Bosh. You have the best coach in the league (Gregg Popovich) vs. the young half-Filipino mastermind (Erik Spoelstra). The Spurs are still scarred by having the 2013 NBA Championship in their hands and watching it slip away, anxious … continued

Coffee Talk #624: Relegation and American Sports (Cleveland Cavaliers)

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A few weeks ago, my friend Josh and I were having a conversation about how awesome American sports would be if they copied the relegation system used in Premiere League. For those of you not familiar with relegation, the bottom three teams in Premiere League are demoted to First League. In American sports, this would help the integrity of MLB, NFL, NBA, etc., protecting the leagues against cheapness and incompetence by front office executives. Speaking of incompetence, the Cleveland Cavaliers...continued

Gregg Popovich + Craig Sager, Jr. = Heartwarming NBA Television

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TNT sideline announcer Craig Sager is known for his outlandish suits (pictured below) and cheerful sideline interviews. San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich is known for his often curt and sometimes surly answers during sideline interviews. The 2014 NBA playoffs feel different without Sager. He’s battling adult acute myeloid leukemia and won’t be reporting for TNT. Sager’s son, Craig, Jr., is filling in for him. Going up against Gregg Popovich has frightened many rookie interviewers (see Charles Barkley clip below) and have left veteran reporters sweating after a two-question chat. … continued

Coffee Talk #621: Athletes, Sports Entertainers, and Counting

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As many of you know, WWE's The Undertaker finally lost a WrestleMania match. Going into WrestleMania XXX, the promotional videos and 'Taker's in-ring soliloquies were full of things like, "21 men have tried to stop The Undertaker and 21 have been defeated." The problem is, The Undertaker did not defeat 21 WWE wrestlers at WrestleMania. He beat Triple H thrice (WrestleMania XVII, XXVII, XXVIII), Shawn Michaels twice (WrestleMania XXV, XXVI), and Kane twice (WrestleMania XIV, XX). The wording of those 21-0 Undertaker promos always bugged me, but not as much as...continued

Arizona Diamondbacks Unveil $25 D-Back Dog

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The Arizona Diamondbacks have unveiled the latest culinary delight available to baseball fans — the $25 D-Back Dog. According to, the D-Back Dog is, “an 18-inch corn dog stuffed with cheddar cheese, jalapeños and bacon, served with a side of fries.” That sounds…amazing! On paper, the D-Back Dog is sheer genius; corn dogs are an American invention, cheese completely rules, jalapeños are awesome, and bacon is one of man’s greatest inventions. While $25 is a lot of money for a concession-stand treat, the D-Back Dog sounds like one … continued

Coffee Talk #617: The Evolution of Facebook Comments on

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Last year, caused quite a stir when the powers that be decided to switch from a proprietary commenting system to Facebook comments. As expected, the switch was met with a lots of anger and resistance. Also expected was huge drop-off in comments. Now that people have gotten acclimated to the new system, discussion on is arguably as vibrant as ever. However, Facebook comments have introduced an interesting element to the banter...continued

Coffee Talk #613: Best Super Bowl XLVIII Nerd Movie Trailer

Posted on February 3rd, by raymond padilla in Coffee Talk, Comics, Movies, Sports. 15 comments
Confession: I totally missed most of Super Bowl XLVIII. Part of it was because I was bummed about the death of Philip Seymour Hoffman and part of it was because jet lag was totally kicking my ass. The thorough thrashing of the Denver Broncos performed by the Seattle Seahawks didn't help keep me awake. That said, I did manage to catch the three Super Bowl XLVIII nerd movie trailers: The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and Transformers: Age of Extinction. The trailers are embedded below for your viewing pleasure, followed by some commentary and a poll. I'd love to hear your thoughts on these Super Bowl XLVIII nerd movie trailers. Kindly comment and vote when you have a moment...continued