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Coffee Talk #621: Athletes, Sports Entertainers, and Counting

Posted on April 12th, by raymond padilla in Coffee Talk, Sports, WWE. 4 comments

As many of you know, WWE’s The Undertaker finally lost a WrestleMania match. Going into WrestleMania XXX, the promotional videos and ‘Taker’s in-ring soliloquies were full of things like, “21 men have tried to stop The Undertaker and 21 have been defeated.” The problem is, The Undertaker did not defeat 21 WWE wrestlers at WrestleMania. He beat Triple H thrice (WrestleMania XVII, XXVII, XXVIII), Shawn Michaels twice (WrestleMania XXV, XXVI), and Kane twice (WrestleMania XIV, XX). The wording of those 21-0 Undertaker promos always bugged me, but not as much as…continued

Random Thoughts on WWE WrestleMania XXX

Posted on April 7th, by raymond padilla in Not Reviews, TV, WWE. 1 Comment

After a subpar WrestleMania XXIX, WWE roared back with WrestleMania XXX. It was an important show on several levels. Obviously 30 is a nice, round number and WWE often pulls out all the stops for “anniversary” shows. Last year, smarks blasted WWE for its fan-unfriendly booking. This year, the company (mostly) listened. On a corporate level, WrestleMania XXX was the first major show to take advantage of WWE Network. To my delight, the stream was flawless on my AT&T U-Verse connection. As for the show itself, WrestleMania XXX was … continued

Pro-Wrestlers vs. Zombies Trailer

Posted on March 17th, by raymond padilla in Movies, WWE. 2 comments

As requested by RPadholic N8R, here’s the official trailer for Pro-Wrestlers vs. Zombies. Yes, it’s a real movie featuring real pro-wrestlers and real zombies! Pro-Wrestlers vs. Zombies’ cast of grapplers includes “The Franchise” Shane Douglas, “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan, Kurt Angle, Matt Hardy, and more. The lovely ladies of the film include 2009 Penthouse Pet of the Year Taya Parker and former TNA Knockout Reby Sky.

As most of you know, pro-wrestling and zombies are awesome. Putting them together is…magic. It’s kind of nuts that nobody … continued

Coffee Talk #618: Nerd Subscriptions and You

Posted on March 13th, by raymond padilla in Coffee Talk, Movies, Music, PC Gaming, TV, Videogames, WWE. 5 comments

As you know, we are living in a digital world (and I am a digital girl…err, scratch that). One of the byproducts of the digital age, particularly for people with nerdy hobbies, is that we’re spending more money on subscription services. For nerd subscriptions, Microsoft’s Xbox Live was the first monthly subscription for many geek chic. Since then, the nerd subscriptions have multiplied like Gremlins. For an endless supply of geeky media, people are dropping money every month on Xbox Live, PlayStation Plus, Netflix, Hulu, WWE Network, Marvel Unlimited, and more. I’d love to hear about your nerd subscriptions. It’ll be fun to see the services we all subscribe to…continued

WWE Network Update: Much Better, But Still Flawed

Posted on March 6th, by raymond padilla in TV, WWE. 2 comments

Here’s a followup to my first impressions article on WWE Network. After 10 days of uptime, performance is considerably better. However, there are still some issues that are puzzling. If you’re using WWE Network, I’d love to hear more about your experiences. Now in the immortal words of Degeneration-X, join me as I “Break it Down!” with more random thoughts on WWE’s new streaming Internet video service.

- As I mentioned, network performance has gotten much better. The buffering issues that plagued my first few days of … continued

WWE Network First Impressions: Not Ready For Prime Time

Posted on February 26th, by raymond padilla in TV, WWE. 27 comments

WWE Network launched earlier this week. The new online video service offers new WWE content and lots of archival content. The initial price for the service is $9.99 with a month with a six-month commitment. The company is offering a free one-week trial of the service. On paper, this is an outstanding value for wrestling fans. You get live WWE pay-per-view (PPV) events and tons of classic content for less than the cost of a single PPV. That said, there are some major issues that the company needs to work … continued

High-Quality Editorial Content at

Posted on February 7th, by raymond padilla in WWE. No Comments

A curious thing is happening over at Amidst the numerous fluff articles, vapid pieces where WWE Superstars stay in character, and countless photo galleries, are a bunch of high-quality articles. Some of them are really, really good — a genuine treat for smarts, marks, and smarks alike. Since the WWE pretty much has a monopoly on the wrestling business, the company has access to wrestling legends and current superstars. It has used this access to create some fantastic oral-history articles that cover various eras and territories in wrestling. … continued

Coffee Talk #611: Five Things I Liked From CES 2014

Posted on January 10th, by raymond padilla in Coffee Talk, Mobile Tech, PC Gaming, TV, Videogames, WWE. No Comments

The 2014 Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2014) is wrapping up and tech nerds are still recovering from being inundated by awesome announcements. Looking through the retroscope, I wish I had gone to this year’s show. It had the expected technology and gaming announcements I expected. What surprised me was the amount of vaping goods on display. Gah! Before I plan for CES 2015, let’s take a look back at five announcements I liked from CES 2014…continued

WWE Network: 24/7 Streaming and Live Programming

Posted on January 9th, by raymond padilla in TV, WWE. 1 Comment

At CES 2014, WWE announced details on the WWE Network, a streaming-video service that offers live and on-demand videos. WWE Network will feature live programming — including all 12 WWE pay-per-view events — and on-demand viewing of classic wrestling. Additionally, it will have a number of original shows that will be exclusive to the service. WWE Network will launch on February 24, 2014 at a cost of $9.99 per month with a six-month commitment required.

WWE Network will be available on a number of popular devices. According to the … continued

But I’m Chris Jericho! Trailer

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WWE Superstar Chris Jericho — the best in the world at what he does — has an upcoming web series called But I’m Chris Jericho! The trailer, embedded below, shows a Curb Your Enthusiasm-type of comedy (but I’m guessing that the show won’t rely so heavily on improv). But I’m Chris Jericho! chronicles the ex-wrestler’s (fictitious) attempt at breaking into the acting world. It debuts on October 29, 2013 with new episodes every Tuesday. Behind-the-scenes footage will run on Mondays, while “bonus” episodes will air on Wednesdays and Thursdays. … continued