Final Fantasy XIII-2 E3 2011 Preview

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Final Fantasy XIII was a polarizing videogame. Some players loved the game for its gorgeous graphics, great soundtrack, fantastic battle system, and strong voice acting. Other players hated the game for its strict linearity, confusing story, and uneven pace. Square Enix hopes Final Fantasy XIII-2 will address the complaints of FFXIII while maintaining the features that made it popular. I got to catch a demo of the game at E3 2011 and play an early level. If the brief portion I played and saw is representative of the final product … continued

I Am the Angelina Jolie of Videogame Verbal Entertainers

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It’s true! Do you know how I know this? Virgin Mobile’s Sarah Carroll said so. It was great spending the Thursday of E3 2011 seeing all kinds of outstanding games, but I missed Sarah. She was so sweet in the YouTube video above. If you can, please drop her a line on her Twitter account to tell her that you agree that I am the Brad Pitt and/or Angelina Jolie of videogame verbal entertainers and don’t forget to CC me.… continued

E3 2011 Day Two: Random Musings

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- It was interesting talking to industry people about bad names. There are a lot of poorly named games and a pair of new consoles with bad names at E3 2011. Most of my friends have at least three game names that bother them. A lot of them spent so much energy hating on the name PlayStation Vita that they didn’t have anything left when the name Wii U was announced.

- I’m still seeking out sleeper games, similar to how Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom impressed me at E3 … continued

Hanging with Sarah Carroll at E3 2011

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I spent a large chunk of yesterday hanging out with Sarah Carroll. She’s a spokesperson for Virgin Mobile and this was her first E3. It was fun showing her around and introducing her to my pals. Sarah is fun and cool and beautiful — an excellent accessory / conversation piece to have around. I definitely got more attention with her than without her. Ha!

Anyway, (please) check out these photos of Sarah with some of my videogame industry friends and stay tuned for some fun videos!

Watch My L.A. Noire Review (Please!)

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I forgot to post my video review of L.A. Noire. Please, please, please watch it if you have a chance. Thanks to the fine peeps at!… continued

E3 2011 Day One: Random Musings

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An “official” day of E3 is in the can! It was way different than what I had planned. You see, I received a call during Sony’s party on Monday and accepted a video gig that…well, you’ll see. Now here are some random thoughts on some of the things I saw, played, touched, heard, and smelled one day one of E3 2011.

Wii U 2 E3 2011 Day One: Random Musings

- The Wii U controller is way more comfortable than I thought it would be. As most of you know, I spend a lot of time gaming on my … continued