Today’s Poll: PSN Outage vs. Xbox 360 RROD

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PS3 vs Xbox 360 Todays Poll: PSN Outage vs. Xbox 360 RROD

Today’s poll is going to require some deep thought (Jack Handy). I want to know which “situation” did more damage, the PlayStation Network outage or the Xbox 360 red ring of death? It’s easy to go with the PSN outage since it’s fresh, but I’d love for you to take a step back and give it some thought. Is a hardware issue for some worse than a service outage for all? Which situation did more damage to the reputation of the respective console manufacturer? Kindly vote and discuss!… continued

This Week’s Videogame Releases

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Brink This Weeks Videogame Releases

After a few slow weeks, May brings several interesting games to the table. Brink has been getting a lot of buzz — some of my reviewer friends are high on this game and some are meh on it. Virtua Tennis 4 looks to bring the series back to glory. LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean serves up the cutest version of Captain Jack Sparrow ever. MX vs. ATV Live should keep motor sports fans happy. The First Templar is flying under the radar, but a few of my friends are digging … continued

Nintendo of America Hires Dial Soap Guy as Executive VP

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Dial soap Nintendo of America Hires Dial Soap Guy as Executive VP

Normally I can’t be bothered to write about companies hiring new executives. For the most part, none of you care. Nintendo’s latest executive announcement was too good not to touch. The company has hired Scott Moffitt as the new executive vice president of sales & marketing for Nintendo of America. He’ll be reporting to NOA president Reggie Fils-Aime — you know, the guy that marketed Guiness beer, Pizza Hut, and Panda Express before taking Nintendo to new heights. How can Moffitt match up with Fils-Aime? Well, just look at this … continued

Coffee Talk #348: Internet Bandwidth Caps Revisited

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As I mentioned in March, AT&T has started bandwidth caps for its DSL and U-Verse Internet services. On the cable side, Comcast is still using the same cap it introduced in 2008…as if its network hasn’t improved.

PlayStation Network Key to Sony’s Android Tablet Future?

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Sony S1 Tablet PlayStation Network Key to Sonys Android Tablet Future?

The tablet wars are going to get super interesting. Slick hardware is not enough to compete with Apple’s wildly successful iPad tablets. Competitors realize that they need to offer slick software and services too. Recently Sony announced that it will be entering the Android tablet space later this year. Will PlayStation Network be the key to Sony’s tablet success? That’s what PC Magazine’s Tim Bajarin believes. He recently wrote:

I understand that Sony’s tablet offerings will eventually be tied to the Sony PlayStation Network, in which there are


Amazon’s 69-Cent MP3 Gambit — Pure Genius?

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Amazon MP3 Store logo Amazons 69 Cent MP3 Gambit    Pure Genius?

When Amazon first announced that it would start selling popular MP3 singles for 69 cents, I was mildly interested. A lot of the same songs cost $1.29 on iTunes and Amazon offers the benefit of streaming through its Cloud Player. I’ve returned to the 200+ list of 69-cent songs  Amazons 69 Cent MP3 Gambit    Pure Genius? several times in the last week…and usually find something new to buy. It’s…just…so…cheap!

Selling cheap MP3 singles helps Amazon on multiple levels. Obviously it helps the company combat Apple’s dominance in the digital music space. It also encourages consumers to … continued