Vellamo Benchmark Measures Android Web Browsing Prowess

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Qualcomm has released the Vellamo Mobile Web Benchmark, which is a testing suite that measures the web browsing prowess of Google Android phones. According to the official description, Vellamo measures, “browser performance and stability, including networking, JavaScript, rendering, and user experience.”

I just ran the test on the T-Mobile G2x by LG and the HTC Thunderbolt. The former uses a dual-core Tegra 2 processor, while the latter uses a single-core Snapdragon processor. The G2x scored a 604, while the Thunderbolt nabbed a 592. Please keep in mind … continued

Netflix Hits Nintendo 3DS, 3D Content Coming Soon

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Netflix 3DS Netflix Hits Nintendo 3DS, 3D Content Coming Soon

Netflix has launched a client for the Nintendo 3DS portable gaming console. Considering that Netflix is already available on all sorts of platforms, that seems like a fairly ho-hum announcement. That said, there is one notable facet of the announcement — Nintendo announced 3D content on Netflix before Netflix did. Here’s a clip from the press release:

The new Netflix application for Nintendo 3DS displays movies and TV episodes in 2D on the system’s upper screen. Users will soon have access to an additional library of select movies that can


Three Awesome Game of Thrones Music Performances

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Let’s celebrate the release of George R.R. Martin’s A Dance with Dragons by listening to these three awesome performances of the intro to Game of Thrones. First up is a slick acoustic mix. Next is a classical performance using acoustic and electric violin sounds. Capping it off is a rock version featuring heavy drums and electric guitar.

If you have a chance to listen to all three tracks, please let me know which one is your favorite. Thanks to Joey and Parisi for sharing these on Google+!


Kenny Powers: K-Swiss MFCEO!!!

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I first watched it while I was still in Hawaii, but this K-Swiss viral marketing video starring Eastbound and Down’s Kenny Powers (Danny McBride) is too good not to discuss with y’all. This star-studded commercial features cameos by Michael Bay, Matt Cassel, Jillian Michaels, Jon Bones Jones, Rey Mysterio, Josh Cox, Mark Cuban, and Patrick Willis.

As a former tennis junkie, I’ve loved K-Swiss products since I was a teenager. However, the company always had this uppity Euro vibe. Using a character like Kenny Powers to make it cool and … continued

Coffee Talk #374: Totally Loving Google+

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I've been using Google+ for about two weeks and I'm totally enamored with the service. I love that it combines facets of Facebook, Twitter, and BlackBerry Messenger. I love the control offered by its...

Today’s Poll: What Do You Think of Netflix’s New Pricing?

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PS3 Slim Netflix Todays Poll: What Do You Think of Netflixs New Pricing?

Netflix recently announced some upcoming changes to its subscription rates. The old $19.99 plan that included unlimited streaming and DVD rentals will die. Unlimited streaming will continue for $7.99 a month, while unlimited DVD rentals will cost $15.99 per month. If you currently enjoy streaming and renting discs then your monthly cost will rise to $23.98 starting September 1, 2011.

I know that most of you are Netflix subscribers, but I don’t know if you’re all about streaming or if you also rent physical media. What do you think of … continued