Netflix Picks: Iron Man Extremis Motion Comics

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It’s time for everyone to share their Netflix streaming movie recommendations! I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the Iron Man: Extremis motion comics. Based on the critically acclaimed run written by Warren Ellis and illustrated by Adi Granov, Extremis tweaked Iron Man’s origin and gave him new abilities to play with. It’s great storytelling and art that’s brought to life by quality voice acting and slight animation.

My first taste of motion comics, Astonishing X-Men, was disappointing. Part of it was that the animation was poor; … continued

Thor: Bring the Thunder Flash Game Rules!

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Thor Bring the Thunder Thor: Bring the Thunder Flash Game Rules!

Thor: Bring the Thunder is a charming Flash game that has the Norse god of thunder parading around in a Super Mario Bros.-like platform game. The game is perfect if you need some motivation to see the movie or are coming off the film’s high. It’s cute and fun.

While the sound effects are old school and appropriate, I enjoyed playing the game while MC Hammer’s “Can’t Touch This” was playing on my PC. It’s awesome when you time a Mjolnir attack with the lyrics of “Stop. Hammer time!!!”… continued

HTC Thunderbolt Review: LTE Speeds, Battery Life, and More

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The HTC Thunderbolt lacks the dual-core power found in recent phones, but makes up for it with blazing fast Internet speeds on Verizon’s LTE network, mostly great build quality, outstanding call clarity, and a smoother version of Google Android thanks to HTC Sense. As long as you’re not looking for cutting edge performance and you don’t mind carrying a spare battery, the Thunderbolt will serve you well. It’s a great phone with a few minor flaws and one major one. Cue the D-Generation X music as I “break it down!!!”… continued

What Are You Playing This Weekend?

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Pilotwings Resort What Are You Playing This Weekend?

I’m going to give Pilotwings Resort more time this weekend. I’ve liked what I’ve played, but I was expecting more. Perhaps a dedicated weekend of flying around in 3D will help me warm up to the Nintendo 3DS. Of course I’ll be playing games on my iPad 2 too. I’m still loving Civilization Revolution and Final Fantasy III on iPad. They’re both awesome, but in very different ways. Naturally all gaming activity will be dropped during the Manny Pacquiao vs. Shane Mosley fight on Saturday.

How about you? What’s on … continued

Coffee Talk #347: Your Least Favorite Console Launch

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I’m late to the party on the Nintendo 3DS…and I’m trying to figure out where the party is. As a frequent flyer and huge portable gamer, the 3DS is off to a disappointing start. What was your…

Random Thoughts (Not a Review) on Thor

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I caught a screening of Thor (Imax 3D) last night and was pleasantly surprised. Here’s the spoiler-free  summary: it’s worth seeing. Kenneth Branagh did a fine job directing what’s arguably the toughest movie in The Avengers series. It’s hard to convey the awesome power of a Norse god (Branagh did this) and it’s easy to get caught up in ridiculous mythology (Branagh avoided this pitfall). The movie is well paced and entertaining with some beautiful set pieces and great action scenes. While I didn’t enjoy it as much as Iron continued