Will the HTC Status Facebook Phone Become the New Sidekick?

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From roughly 2002 to 2007, Danger’s Sidekick phones were the choice for teens and tweens. They were cool, relatively cheap, and focused on messaging. The smartphone market has changed drastically with the introduction of the iPhone, but there hasn’t been a phone that was aggressively targeted towards teens and tweens…until now.

The HTC Status has been officially announced for AT&T and Telus. It’s a Google Android phone with HTC Sense 3.0 and, most importantly, heavy Facebook integration. Here’s some marketing copy and specs from the official Facebook page:



Watch My Dungeon Siege III Review (Please)!!!

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While I’m continuing to battle the upgrades to the RPad.tv comment system, I’d super appreciate it if you watched my video review for Dungeon Siege III. If you have extra moments, please give the review a thumbs and leave a comment. I’m sifting through the comments now and replying to as many people as I can (mostly because I miss having a comment system that works perfectly). Thanks in advance!


Fresh Batch of Final Fantasy XIII-2 Screenshots

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Square Enix has sent over some new Final Fantasy XIII-2 screens. Most of them are shots of battle sequences, but there are a few images of event scenes too. Some of you will recall that FFXIII-2 was one of my top five games of E3 2011. If you need more background info on the game then check out this preview. So far, my only major issue with the game is that it doesn’t have a Reona Rewis song.

Enjoy the screens and let me know what you think … continued

Wednesday Housekeeping: Comment System Changed (Again)

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RPad box Wednesday Housekeeping: Comment System Changed (Again)I’m really sorry to do this to all of you, but I’ve changed the comment system…again. Disqus was causing too many headaches, so I’ve decided to go with IntenseDebate. The good news is that it has most of the features that you enjoyed with Disqus. The better news is that it eliminates two issues that have been giving me headaches. Here are a few notes on IntenseDebate:

- Similar to Disqus, after you get an IntenseDebate account, you can change your display name to whatever you want it … continued

Today’s Poll: Will You Use Google+ Project?

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Google has gone official with its Google+ Project, a social network that combines features of Facebook, Twitter, Skype, BlackBerry Messenger, and more. On the plus side, it’s seems like a huge and comprehensive service. On the down side, you know there’s a problem when a company has to post six videos just to explain what a service offers.

Naturally, I have to use the service for outreach purposes (and because I have too many Silicon Valley nerd friends that will give me crap if I don’t sign up). However, … continued

Xbox Live Summer of Arcade Schedule

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It's time for the summer of Bastion!!! Oops, I meant the annual Xbox Live Summer of Arcade. In case you missed it, here's the schedule for Microsoft's downloadable summer blockbuster extravaganza. All of the games cost...