E3 Day 0: What Games Got Your Attention?

Posted on June 7th, by raymond padilla in PC Gaming, Videogames. 14 comments

A day of E3 press conferences is in the books and the show officially starts today! There were a ton of great games shown yesterday. People were hyped about Battlefield 3, Halo CE Anniversary, Halo 4BioShock Infinite, Overstrike, and more. The buzz at the show is one thing, but I wanted to see how everything played with you guys and gals. What games got your attention?

As for me, I’m going to be championing Sound Shapes for PlayStation Vita. It’s being made by Queasy continued

What Do You Think of the PlayStation Vita?

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One of the biggest surprises of E3 Day 0 was the PlayStation Vita. Everyone knew that the hardware was going to be powerful since details were known when the system was codenamed NGP. The big surprise was the price point — $249 for the WiFi model and $299 for the 3G/WiFi model. That’s a bit cheaper than people were expecting. The recently released Nintendo 3DS retails for $249 and uses older technology (CPU, GPU, screen, etc.). Compared to the Vita, Nintendo’s portable system seems like a rip-off at … continued

E3 2011 Sony Press Conference Live Blog

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Sony Computer Entertainment is set to announce details on PlayStation Vita, previously codenamed the Sony NGP. The company also has some hot games in the works for its PlayStation 3 console. How much time do you think Sony will spend addressing the recent PlayStation Network hack? Any predictions on the Vita’s price? Join me for his Sony press live blog and learn all sorts of exciting details!continued

E3 2011 Electronic Arts Press Conference Live Blog

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The word on the street is that Insomniac Games is going to be a big part of EA’s E3 2011 press conference. I hope that’s the case. I love those guys and want them to do well. Hopefully EA Partners has a few other top notch developers to introduce. Naturally I’m psyched for some Dragon Age II DLC and Mass Effect 3. Any EA games you’re particularly excited for? Join me in this live blog and let’s see what EA is cookin’.continued

E3 2011 Microsoft Press Conference Live Blog

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It’s time for Microsoft’s E3 2011 press conference! Microsoft is the only one of the “Big Three” that hasn’t confirmed new hardware for the show. Will the company counter with some hot games? How will it take Kinect to the next level? You think there’s a chance that there will be a hardware surprise? Follow this live blog and find out!continued

Coffee Talk #362: Random Pre-E3 Chatter

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Yesterday's E3 festivities were fantastic. I went to the excellent B4 party held by47 Communications and caught up with all sorts of groovy friends. Game Informer's Andy McNamara dropped a...