Nokia N9 Announcement Images

Posted on June 27th, by raymond padilla in Mobile Tech. 1 Comment

Here are a bunch of sexy images of the recently announced Nokia N9…which can also double as photos of the recently “leaked” Nokia Windows Phone Sea Ray. It’s such a good looking piece of hardware! It looks fantastic in all three colors. Right now I’m leaning towards the cyan model…but the black one looks so slick…and the magenta one will surely attract cute girls when I go to Asia. I want them all!

Which N9 color do you prefer?

Monday Housekeeping

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RPad box Monday HousekeepingGood morning all! I wanted to give you a heads up that I’m going to be trying out a new commenting system this week. I want to giveĀ Disqus a shot. I enjoy using it on other sites and it should bring more to Hopefully it goes without a hitch…or at least as few hitches as possible. Going with Disqus should add for better discussion, easier administration, improved reach, more social features, and more fun!

There are a number of ways you can log in with Disqus, but … continued

DC Comics Digital Pricing

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DC Universe 2011 reboot JLA DC Comics Digital Pricing

As I mentioned last week, DC Comics will be undergoing a universe-wide reboot on August 31, 2011. RPadholic smartguy mentioned that he was interested in same-day releases for digital comics so I thought I’d do some research for him. Digital versions of DC Comics will initially cost the same as their print counterparts: $2.99 for standard issues and $3.99 for over-sized issues. After four weeks, the digital prices will drop by $1.

Additionally, DC is experimenting with a combo pack for Justice League #1. A special edition for … continued

People Love Final Cut Pro X, People Hate Final Cut Pro X

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The reactions to Apple’s Final Cut Pro X have been fascinating. Some people absolutely love it and some people absolutely hate it. I think everyone is right. Before I explain why, enjoy the Conan O’Brien video above and let me give you an idea of my background with the Final Cut series.

I’ve been using Final Cut Pro since version 4.5. I was never a power editor and after years of experience, I can still do more with Adobe’s Premiere than Apple’s Final Cut. However, I had to learn … continued

Nokia Shows its First Windows Phone: Codename Sea Ray

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In what appears to be a staged “leak”, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop unveiled the company’s first Windows Phone model. Say hello to Sea Ray! Physically, the device is pretty much the same as the beautiful Nokia N9, but with an extra button. Watch the video above for a full presentation — including some Xbox Live avatar goodness — on the Nokia Sea Ray.

On a side note, I hope to be working with Nokia closely in the near feature. Part of it is because the company has really interesting … continued

Valve Updates Team Fortress 2 to a Freemium Game

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In an interesting and potentially brilliant move, Valve has made the highly popular Team Fortress 2 a free-to-play game. Gamers can play for free, but can also spend money — through Steam, naturally — on premium items.

The gambit is part of a huge shift in gaming; a lot of franchises are trying to evolve from boxed goods to games-plus-services. While Valve’s strategy is quite different from what Activision plans to do with Call of Duty and what Electronic Arts has planned for Battlefield, Team Fortress 2 shifting … continued