RPadTV Vaping Giveaway IX: 120ml of Lost Art Liquids Unicorn Puke

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Lost Arts Liquids’ Unicorn Puke is a wildly popular e-liquid and you have a chance to win a 120ml bottle of it in 3mg! If you enjoy rainbow sherbet then you’ll love this fruity blend with a touch of cream. If you don’t enjoy rainbow sherbet then something is wrong with your tastebuds and/or brain. As always, RPadTV mod owners get five additional entries (buy yours today for only $60!). For a chance to win this bottle of excellent juice, all you have to do is… continued

Vaping Diaries #262: Vapetilly Allen Seiden Interview

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Vapetilly is a social network for vapers with Android or iOS devices. It combines elements of Instagram, Yelp, Tinder, and more. Vapetilly is all about connecting vapers, whether it’s vaper to vaper, retailer to vaper, mod maker to vaper, etc. In the interview above, Vapetilly founder Allen Seiden goes over the app’s current features and talks about upcoming additions.

In addition to an Instagram-style feed, Vapetilly has some nice features for vapers looking to pick up new goods. The app makes it easy to find vape shops and the feed … continued

Vaping Diaries #261: True North Tonics Pedro Benito Interview

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This interview with True North Tonics owner Pedro Benito is longer than my usual chats with e-liquid makers, but it’s also more interesting. Pedro talks about moving from a touring indie-rock musician with The Jealous Sound and Sunday’s Best to composing music for film and television to crafting e-liquids. True North Tonics offers some of the cleanest e-liquids out there, with several unique and complex flavors. In my opinion, the company is one of the most underrated in the vaping business.

There are several things that help True North Tonics … continued

Laura Shigihara’s Rakuen Trailer is Utterly Charming

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I’m totally charmed by Rakuen. This upcoming adventure/puzzle game is being headed up by Plants vs. Zombies comoposer Laura Shigihara and it looks like a fantastic time for old-school gamers. On the gameplay front, Rakuen looks like a classic RPG, but the focus is on exploration and puzzle solving. The graphics also feature old-school flair, but use a distinct color palette. The music I’ve heard so far is lovely and totally works for the game’s dreamy tone.

Speaking of dreamy, I believe that the word rakuen is Japanese for … continued

Coffee Talk #645: The Young Adult-ing of Batgirl and Nightwing

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There’s an unusual trend going on with the DC Comics’ Bat Family. Longtime supporting characters Batgirl (Barbara Gordon) and Nightwing (the original Robin, Dick Grayson) are getting the “young adult” treatment. While DC’s New 52 started everyone off with grim and gritty tones, Batgirl and Nightwing have…evolved into young adult comics. As a huge fan of both characters, I’m not sure what to make of their new directions, so today’s column is me thinking out loud about the young adult-ing of Batgirl and Nightwing.

Let’s kick things off with Babs. … continued

Vaping Diaries #260: V4Vape Jay O’Brien Interview

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In addition to heading up Nirvana Vapor and being a partner in True Leaf Vapor, Jay O’Brien has launched a new line of vaping dessert e-liquids called V4Vape. Aimed towards vapers that enjoy sweet and savory e-liquids, V4Vape stands out with some unique and complex blends. In the interview above, Jay talks about the company’s four launch flavors and the future of the line.

Going down the menu alphabetically, Valentine is a mix of condensed milk, rose essence, and nutty flavors. Surprisingly, this one has been a hit … continued