Stephen Colbert Defends the Crossguard Lightsaber (Star Wars)

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One of the latest Star Wars controversies, the crossguard lightsaber shown in the teaser trailer for The Force Awakens has sparked a ton of nerd debate. Some fans think that it looks cool and could possibly serve as an excellent defensive tool. Other fans think that a crossguard lightsaber is almost as dumb as Darth Maul’s double-bladed lightsaber and that it has great potential to damage the user. As with so many situations in the world, Stephen Colbert added some much needed wisdom to the discussion.

In a recent episode … continued

Vaping Diaries #273: Beyond Vape / Aria Built Edison Tan Interview (Vapecon USA)

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Beyond Vape is one of the most aggressive and successful American companies in vaping. As a vaper, I appreciate that Beyond Vape — and its high-end Aria Built line — reaches a wide variety of vapers through a wide variety of products. From inexpensive mods geared towards beginners and intermediate vapers to high-end gear aimed at vapers that value build quality and performance, Beyond Vape and Aria Built has it all covered. At Vapecon USA, I caught up with Beyond Vape’s Edison Tan to chat about three products in the … continued

Star Wars: The Force Awakens LEGO Trailer is Amazing

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Millions of nerds were delighted by the teaser trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Arguably the most anticipated nerd movie of all time, legions of fans can’t wait for it, while many fans are dreading it. Although The Force Awakens and all the rumors that surround it can (and will be) debated for thousands of hours, there’s no denying that the LEGO version of the trailer is absolutely amazing. Released the day after the official trailer hit, the LEGO version is an outstanding shot-by-shot remake of the source … continued

The Vaping Diaries #272: The Big Levapeski Brandy Tseu Interview (Vapecon USA)

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Inspired by the cult classic film The Big Lebowski, The Big Levapeski is a line of vaping e-liquids that will appeal to fans of The Dude, Donny, and The Jesus. At Vapecon USA 2014, I met up with The Big Levapeski manager Brandy Tseu to learn more about this line of juices. There are a few notes here. First, I didn’t realize that I still had Lilly Evans lipstick on my face while I was interviewing Brandy until I edited the video. So, oops. Secondly, with juice names like … continued

Guardians of the Galaxy Meets…Friends?!?

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What do you get when you mashup the smash movie hit Guardians of the Galaxy and the smash television hit Friends? The answer is…a shockingly entertaining video that makes a lot of sense. Think about it for a minute. The witty and sarcastic Peter Quill makes total sense as Chandler Bing. The slow and loyal Drax the Destroyer is perfect as Joey Tribbiani (when you add green skin pigmentation and years of human growth hormone abuse). Since there’s only one lady in the Guardians lineup, I guess Gamora has … continued

Vaping Diaries #271: The Vape Kit Interview (Vapecon USA)

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The Vape Kit is one of the smartest companies in the vaping business. The company originally started with a question-and-answer site, similar to a Quora or a Yahoo! Answers for vapers. Considering that there’s a lot to learn in the (relatively) new and (relatively) wacky world of vaping, a crowd-sourced and community-driven solution that answers questions many vapers have was a fantastic idea.

For its second act, The Vape Kit has released a compact and complete toolkit made just for vapers. Again, this was a really smart idea that solves … continued