Vaping Diaries #218: Wu Tang House of Mods El Sigilo Review

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One of the latest offerings from Wu Tang House of Mods — one of my favorite Filipino modders — is the El Sigilo. This mechanical mod features a unique design and fantastic aesthetics. The standard model available in brass and stainless steel, as well as a torched steel “special edition” covered in this review. It’s also available in copper, but with zodiac sign aesthetics rather than Filipino-style engravings. All models come with 18650 and 18350 tubes. The El Sigilio ships in a treasure chest that contains the mod, as well … continued

Weird Al Yankovic’s “Foil” Reveals Illuminati Secrets

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Have you ever dreamed of watching a “Weird” Al Yankovic video that has the artist starring in a cooking show and dishing out secrets on the Illuminati? That’s exactly what you’ll see in the video for “Foil,” from Weird Al’s latest album, Mandatory Fun. A parody of Lorde’s hit “Royals,” the video for “Foil” co-stars comedian Patton Oswalt as Weird Al’s producer. While I didn’t find “Foil” as entertaining as “Word Crimes” or “Tacky,” I’m always down with more Weird Al. Besides, making … continued

Watch Derek Jeter’s Glorious 2014 MLB All-Star Game Moments

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As a Yankee fan and someone that has watched Derek Jeter’s entire baseball career, there was a lot to love about the MLB 2014 All-Star Game. He was given a classy ovation during his introduction. On his first at bat, he was introduced by a recording of the late, great, and legendary Bob Sheppard. (He also laced a sweet double off of Adam Wainwright, on a pitch that may or may not have been a gimme.) When he was taken out of the game, he was given another … continued

Weird Al Yankovic’s “Word Crimes” Totally Owns

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The “Weird” Al Yankovic multimedia onslaught continues. The artist’s new album – Mandatory Fun — is available now and the video for “Word Crimes” is out. This very special single is a parody of the Robin Thicke smash hit “Blurred Lines.” It pokes fun at the numerous grammar and usage errors that have infected society. As someone that has spent a lot of time (both personally and professionally) reading forums and blog-post comments, the “Word Crimes” song and video totally crack me up. As RPadholic N8R mentioned in … continued

Mariano Rivera’s Retirement Means Metallica’s Out of Work (ESPN)

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Here’s a funny ESPN commercial featuring the legendary rock band Metallica. As all of you should know, New York Yankees great Mariano Rivera retired last year. If you’re familiar with the (greatest) closer (of all time), then you know that he entered ballgames to Metallica’s “Enter Sandman.” The gag in the ESPN commercial is that Metallica has been struggling to find work since Rivera’s retirement. There’s even a bit in a break room where guitarist Kirk Hammett tries to get ESPN anchor Stuart Scott to sign up … continued

Weird Al’s “Tacky” Video Completely Rules! (Pharrell “Happy”Parody”)

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The video for “Weird” Al Yankovic’s latest single “Tacky” is one of the best things I’ve seen in 2014. As some of you know, “Happy” by Pharrell Williams bugs the crap out of me, so I’m thrilled to see that woefully overplayed single get the Weird Al parody treatment. As a song, “Tacky” is full of Weird Al’s signature silliness and trademark puns. While the song is what I expect and love from Weird Al, the video took my be surprise. I wasn’t expecting guest … continued

Support These Musician Friends of RPadTV (Please!)

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RPadholic N8R’s band has a self-titled EP out, so please, please, please check out The Gray-Test Project. As you longtime RPadTV readers know, N8R absolutely rocks and so does his band. I guarantee you’ll dig the music, especially if you pay close attention to Nate slappin’ da bass. If jazz is more your thing then you’ll love my brother’s latest album, They Come and They Go. This is my brother’s second album and I’m so proud of what he’s done. In addition to his new album, Reggie … continued