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Coffee Talk #215: Who Are Your Favorite Internet Writers?

Posted on September 16th, by raymond padilla in Coffee Talk, PC Gaming, Sports, Today's Specials, Videogames. 52 comments
Let's be real -- this can't possibly be the only web site you visit on a daily basis. Don't worry, I don't get (too) jealous when you spend time reading other sites. Having said that, I'd love to hear about some of your favorite Internet writers. Whether it's games, sports, tech, or whatever, let me know who some of your favorite scribes are. Here are some of mine:

Coffee Talk #214: Five Things I Can’t Wait to See at TGS 2010

Posted on September 15th, by raymond padilla in Coffee Talk, Today's Specials, Videogames. 45 comments
I'm so bummed that I'm missing Tokyo Game Show. Part of it is that it's always incredibly fun hanging out with writer, developer, and PR friends in Tokyo. Part of it is that the karaoke is simply the best (I've never seen so many Pixies songs available anywhere else in the world). Lastly, part of it is that my tastes lean towards Japanese games and the announcements are usually super exciting for gamers like me. Here are five things I'm looking forward to hearing more about during TGS 2010.

Coffee Talk #212: WWE NXT’s AJ Lee is My Ultimate Woman

Posted on September 13th, by raymond padilla in Coffee Talk, Comics, Today's Specials, Videogames, WWE. 10 comments
Thanks to WWE NXT, I have found my new "ultimate woman" for the next decade -- AJ Lee. She's obviously a beautiful woman that wrestles, but I've learned that she loves comic books and videogames. I don't see how you can beat this combination. She could beat the crap out of baby seals with a baseball bat she made from a tree plucked from a rain forest she decimated and I'd still adore her. She seems to be the perfect combination of beauty, brains, athleticism, and nerdcore.

Coffee Talk #211: Gaming Binds Us Together

Posted on September 10th, by raymond padilla in Coffee Talk, PC Gaming, Today's Specials, Videogames. 133 comments
Warning: I'm going to get a little sappy on you today. You see, as I was in Asia playing Wordfeud for Android with Big Blak and Slickyfats, I was amazed at how gaming brought us all together. Whether it's reading the stuff I write, talking it up in the comments section, or playing games together while thousands of miles apart, gaming binds us (like The Force in Star Wars). It's just a powerful and awesome thing.

Coffee Talk #210: How Swype Changed My (Mobile Phone) Life

Posted on September 9th, by raymond padilla in Coffee Talk, iPhone, Mobile Tech, Today's Specials. 12 comments
A year ago, I was all about physical keyboards on mobile phones. While the virtual keyboard on my iPhone 3GS was somewhat acceptable, I greatly preferred the speed and accuracy of my BlackBerry 8900. Virtual keyboards on Android have improved a lot in the last year, but they still aren't great. Opting for a virtual keyboard over a "real" one seemed crazy to me. Then something happened that totally changed my preference -- I discovered Swype.

Coffee Talk #209: Do You Care About Console Warranties?

Posted on September 8th, by raymond padilla in Coffee Talk, Nintendo DS, PS3, PSP, Today's Specials, Wii, Xbox 360. 36 comments
While I was in Asia, Sony announced that PlayStation Plus customers are eligible for a discount on the PlayStation Protection Plan. The deal adds a bit of value to PlayStation Plus, but I was wondering how many of you care about console warranties. Certainly console buyers -- especially new ones that were burned by the Xbox 360's red ring of death -- are more cautious these days, but does that translate into plopping down cash on something like the PlayStation Protection Plan or a Best Buy warranty?

Coffee Talk #208: Airplane Movie Reviews!

Posted on September 7th, by raymond padilla in Coffee Talk, Movies, Not Reviews, Today's Specials. 36 comments
I caught up on several movies while flying to and around Asia. Most of them were new releases that are out of theaters but not yet available on Blu-ray/DVD. There were some surprises for me, but for the most part I was happy that I didn't pay money to see these movies in theaters. Here's the rundown.

Coffee Talk #207: While You Were Out

Posted on September 3rd, by raymond padilla in Coffee Talk, PC Gaming, Today's Specials, Videogames. 32 comments
The title of this edition of Coffee Talk should really be "While I Was Out", but then it wouldn't fit in with one of my favorite Mr. Majestic trade paperbacks. Majestros is cool and underrated. You should read his books. Anyway, today's question is really simple: what was the biggest gaming news while I was away from the site?

Coffee Talk #206: Story More Important Than Graphics?!?

Posted on August 26th, by raymond padilla in Coffee Talk, PC Gaming, Today's Specials, Videogames. 391 comments
A few days ago, Rpadholic bsukenyan made some interesting statements on the importance of story over graphics in videogames. He wrote:

Coffee Talk #205: Games You Hate Because of Their Writing

Posted on August 25th, by raymond padilla in Coffee Talk, PC Gaming, Today's Specials, Videogames. 34 comments
The other day we talked about games we loved because of their writing. Now it's time to enter the bitter barn and drink some Haterade, because we're going to talk about games we loathed because of their writing! A bad story can ruin an otherwise excellent interactive experience. In my opinion, game writing has been getting better and better. Even games that are essentially mindless exercises in action are using top-quality writers. Still, there are plenty of dark episodes of the past to discuss.