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Steve Jobs’ Vision of the iPad…in 1983

Posted on October 3rd, by raymond padilla in iPhone, Mobile Tech. 3 comments

Here’s a super-interesting presentation (embedded below) by the late Steve Jobs from the 1983 International Design Conference in Aspen. One of the most fascinating clips is around the 25 minute mark. The late Apple CEO talks about his vision for computing, saying that he believes Apple products of the future will be small, book-sized computers that are easy to use and connected to other computers. Keep in mind that this was in 1983 — way before the iPad and the Internet became the major forces that they are today. Here’s … continued

In Case You Were Wondering…

Posted on September 20th, by raymond padilla in iPhone. 7 comments

…McKayla Maroney is not impressed with the iPhone 5. Thanks to Debby Chen for reminding me that I’ve been neglecting my McKayla duties. One more photo after the break!… continued

Samsung Galaxy S III Commercial Mocks Apple Fans

Posted on September 19th, by raymond padilla in iPhone, Mobile Tech. 2 comments

First, let me state that I think the Galaxy S III is a great phone and the iPhone 5 is mostly likely a great phone (I’ll tell you after a few weeks with it). That said, these commercials are getting funny. They remind me of political ads. Truths are stretched. People are bashed. Lines are drawn. The comments on this video’s YouTube page are most entertaining. Again, it’s along the lines of a modern political debate. The loudest voices are extreme opinions on both sides. It reminds me of that … continued

My 4 Favorite iOS 6 Features For iPad

Posted on September 19th, by raymond padilla in iPhone, Mobile Tech. 6 comments

I’ve been playing around with iOS 6 on my iPad 2012 for the last couple of hours and I’m pretty happy with the upgrade. On the iPad, there’s nothing revolutionary, but there are several additions that make the OS better. Some of these additions are long overdue and others are (seemingly) simple features that make the iOS experience that much more elegant. People that want things like widgets and other niceties found on Android will find iOS 6 disappointing, but that’s another issue entirely. Right now I’d like to go … continued

Football Heroes = Tecmo Bowl + Beat ‘Em Up + RPG

Posted on September 18th, by raymond padilla in iPhone, Videogames. 8 comments

Ever wish you could play an arcade football game like Tecmo Bowl that was infused with beat-’em-up action and RPG elements? That’s exactly what you’ll be playing with Football Heroes. Being developed by Run Games, a studio founded in 2011 by EA veterans Nathan Lazur and Michael Marzola, the game is set for release on Android and iOS some time in November 2012. The studio is seeking additional funds through Kickstarter. Check out the pitch video below for more details on and some gameplay footage of Football continued

Today’s Poll: Insuring Your iPhone 5 and Other iOS Products

Posted on September 17th, by raymond padilla in iPhone, Mobile Tech. 8 comments

A number of you have pre-ordered or plan to buy an iPhone 5. A number of you already own iOS devices of some sort. How do you insure your iPhones and iPads? Many people rave about AppleCare+. It’s convenient to get your phone or tablet services at an Apple Store through AppleCare+ and, in my experience, the service is fast. Others prefer using insurance through a third-party company like SquareTrade, which in some cases offers more flexible terms and can be more convenient for people that don’t live … continued

5th Cell’s Run Roo Run (iOS) is Free and Universal

Posted on September 14th, by raymond padilla in iPhone, Videogames. No Comments

5th Cell is awesome. The company makes cool games and has a hot community manager. One of its latest titles, Run Roo Run, has been updated. This cute and challenging (at the later later levels) iOS game is now free and universal (just like me!). You should download it now because it’s free for the next week only and 5th Cell makes sweet stuff. After you’ve played for a bit, please let me know what you think of Run Roo Run in the comments section.… continued

Apple Sues Polish Online Deli, A.Pl

Posted on September 14th, by raymond padilla in iPhone. 3 comments

The Apple vs. Samsung lawsuits are somewhat understandable. There’s a lot of money involved and the two companies compete directly in several areas. Apple suing a Polish online deli seems…not so cool. Yet that’s the case with Apple vs. A.pl. The king of Cupertino is upset with this small, online delivery service because of its name and an old logo it used. The name thing is kind of stupid. “.pl” is the top-level extension for Poland. No sane person is going to go to the A.pl site and confuse … continued

Jimmy Kimmel Tricks People With Fake iPhone 5

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Here’s a man-on-the-street clip from Jimmy Kimmel Live that features a bunch of excited opinions on the iPhone 5. The problem is that Kimmel’s crew was showing the subjects an iPhone 4S. It’s pretty awesome to hear people say that it’s lighter, faster, better, etc. — especially those that claimed to own a 4S. While there are plenty of technically savvy people that use an iPhone, the ones in this video are fantastic examples of iSheep. Check out the video below and let me know what you think (please!).… continued

Apple Announces…Nothing

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This College Humor video is awesome.