Snarky PlayStation 4 Meme Should Be a Real Sony Ad

This PlayStation 4 meme that pokes fun at the Xbox One’s vaunted television features should be a real¬†advertisement. It’s a simple message that has an element of truth, has a witty edge, and will get the fanboys riled up. While Microsoft is looking to control the entire living room, Sony appears more focused on games. (That’s the narrative so far. It could be a different story after E3 2013.) The meme is edgy and snarky, reminiscent of Sony’s best marketing (ENOS Lives, Kevin Butler, etc.). It’s also fantastic ammunition for flame wars; members of the Sony Defense Force 4th Battalion are going to throw it in the face of every XBoner on the Internet.

Although consoles have evolved into multifaceted entertainment devices, enthusiast gamers are passionate about games first and foremost (duh). The Xbox One’s television and NFL features are novel, but don’t excite the core audience. Sony appears to be positioning the PlayStation 4 as the “gamer’s console” and I’d love to see a full-on ad campaign with an attitude similar to the one used in the meme. It would give SDF fanboys a charge and could possibly help win back gamers Sony lost to the Xbox 360. The Xbox One has (unfairly) been slapped with the “not for us” label by some enthusiast gamers. Wouldn’t it be fun if Sony launched an ad campaign that took advantage of that perception? The flame wars would be glorious. Fore!!!


Author: RPadTV

2 thoughts on “Snarky PlayStation 4 Meme Should Be a Real Sony Ad”

  1. Ha. I thought this was actually a real ad from Sony.

    You know when a company is on the right track when customers start doing your work for you for free.

    (… I wish there were fanboys for gasoline…)


  2. I will refrain from comment until E3. I will say, however, that Nintendo has already lost this upcoming cycle- I wish I knew what Piston Honda Fils-Aime was thinking, Even his eye lasers aren’t enough this time.

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